Relocation Services of Ecuador
Eliminating the stress of shipping
your belongings to Ecuador

Welcome to Ecuador, the "Land of Eternal Spring." Our MissionRSE works to eliminate the worries and nightmares of getting your cherished belongings to Ecuador. We trust you'll find Ecuador a multifaceted country of real freedoms. If you have decided, or are deciding, to make Ecuador your home, the team at Relocation Services of Ecuador (RSE) can help you.

There are many questions Americans have when moving to Ecuador. One of those is, "How do I get my household goods to Ecuador, and what can I bring?" The team at RSE will answer these questions.

You may hear horror stories about some Expats' experiences trying to ship their personal items to Ecuador—stories like:

  • Having their items stuck in customs in Guayaquil for months, having to pay $60 a day storage fees and ending up with the storage fees being more than the original shipping costs
  • Putting up container deposits of $700 to $2000 and not having it returned
  • Being told it would cost $9,000, to end up being charged $14,000 to $16,000.

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Travel tips

Visa Requirements & Other Documents


A visa is not needed for U.S., Canadian, Australian or European citizens in most cases. However for the rest of the world, if you are not sure, check with your nearest Ecuadorian embassy or consulate whether you need a visa.

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